New Jersey Online Poker Sites

Since New Jersey is a major center for gambling in America, it should be no surprise that online poker is big in New Jersey. Unfortunately, since the dark days of 2011ís Black Friday and the move of online poker sites away from the American market, New Jersey citizens who like to play online poker have seen their options limited. Playing online poker in New Jersey is still possible, but the number of sites you have to choose from and your means of depositing to your New Jersey online poker account are limited.

What exactly those sites entail, as well as the open methods of funding an account for New Jersey players are important areas of discussion addresses below. The best tool for players in New Jersey on online poker is knowledge, and that is what you will find on this page. Get the lowdown on New Jersey online poker.

Is It Legal For New Jersey Residents To Play Poker Online?

Not only is poker included in the launch of the New Jersey online gambling websites, but it is expected to be the largest single contributor. That's right. poker is a cornerstone of the entire gaming project. Residents of legal gambling age in New Jersey are able to sign up for account at these new state-regulated websites and play poker online for real money.

There are a variety of different poker games that can be played. If a person can walk into a casino in New Jersey and play a poker game, it can be played online as well. Throughout the 10-year trial period of legal online gambling, much attention will be paid towards poker and the impact that it has on the games offered.

Where Can New Jersey Residents Play Poker?

Poker can be enjoyed at the licensed casinos in New Jersey, which are located in Atlantic City. In total, there are 12 Atlantic City casinos, all of which house poker games. This means that New Jersey players have more options to play poker than do residents in many other states.

Where Can They Play Online? - Best Legal Poker Sites Taking NJ Players

When it comes to the playing of poker on the Internet, New Jersey residents can turn to the newly regulated poker websites that report all winning to the state or they can choose to go with one of the websites shown below that do not. There are advantaged to both sides, but either way, know that you will be playing poker in a safe environment where you can trust the results.

Bovada - Over 15,000 Players During Primetime / Peak Hours

Bovada tries to make it as easy as possible when it comes to every aspect of their online poker site. This is very true when talking about the methods of deposit. It's about as simple as it gets really, with New Jersey players able to deposit with a Visa or a Rapid Transfer.

What the rapid transfer actually entails is a Western Union wire transfer or a MoneyGram money transfer. These two methods are great, especially for American players because a Visa will not always go through. This makes these wire transfers a great option, for which they can easily be done. There are thousands of places across New Jersey where such a transfer can be made.

BetOnline - Most Up & Coming Online Poker Site On The Web

BetOnline might have the best poker bonus that can be found at sites accepting New Jersey players. This is for a few different reasons. First, the bonus is quite high in and of itself, sitting at a maximum of $900. Second though, and perhaps most important, is the fact that this bonus is offered to account holders every time they go to fund their account.

So what are the details of this great bonus? Well, it's based on the methods of deposit. The type of deposit chosen translates to the percentage offered for the bonus. A credit card deposit is eligible to receive a 15 percent match on a deposit up to the cap of $900. For other methods of funding chosen, that percentage is set at 25 percent. There is more bang for your buck not using a credit card, but the dollar amount is still the same.

Legal Poker Sites That Welcome New Jersey Residents
Online Poker Sites Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
Bovada Poker 100% Match Good To $1,000 15,000+ Players VISIT
BetOnline Poker Up To $900 On Each Deposit 10,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker Every Deposit: 25% - $900 10,000+ Players VISIT

The Future Of Online Poker In New Jersey

Online poker in New Jersey is set up for a major boost. The state of New Jersey, along with other states, has plans to open new online gambling sites taxed and regulated in order to raise state revenue. A worldwide economic recession means governments are looking for a new way to raise money, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said he’d like New Jersey to be the global center for online poker play.

This is exciting news for online poker fans in New Jersey, who have been faced with fewer online poker sites and fewer options for funding the sites that do still cater to bets from New Jersey residents.

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